Monitoring and maintenance are key phases in a successful mine site rehabilitation programs.

Monitoring must be done in order to ensure early rehabilitation success, reveal the need for any remedial actions and determine whether rehabilitation is likely to meet long-term goals and mine closure criteria. The ongoing evaluation and monitoring are essential to better understanding rehabilitation practices and how to guide them towards success.

Once germination is achieved, a combination of multispectral and thermal imaging cameras and sensors, along with NDVI, OSAVI, DSM and NDRE allow us to see many different analytical layers which are optimal in sensing development. We can analyse these layers for a range of indications such as areas that are under heat and drought stress, plant height and health and the nitrogen and chlorophyll content of plants. We are able to monitor the sowing quality, growth rate, the counted number and planned number of plants while also undertaking plant disease analysis and pest detection, allowing us to maximise growth efficiency.


Access to advanced analytics for more accurate data


Provides an accurate, high resolution archival record of every inch of your site.


Allows for better management and faster, more informed decision making.


Allows real-time monitoring and data collections


We trust that soil is the foundation for achievement of any revegetation venture, so our projects are constantly in view of an intensive comprehension of the physical, compound and organic attributes found on site. Results furnish us with important data to figure out what modifications should be made to guarantee a positive developing condition. With access to more than 100 different ameliorants, we can enhance the properties of the soil's physical and microbiological condition easily. Chat with our specialists to see if your project meets all requirements for our complimentary program.

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