Rehabilitation is the way toward repairing the harm done by mining and common movement. It intends to return bothered grounds and conduits back to a satisfactory standard by reestablishing biological community usefulness and land profitability.

Revegetating with solid, economical vegetation that aids existing biological systems is the most productive and powerful approach to meet ecological remediation prerequisites. It is ending up progressively normal for strict site remediation criteria to be included in advancement and mining destinations. After works have been finished, these zones must be restored to their initial characteristic state, or as near this state as would be prudent.

This is the reason a solid, durable answer for crop development and disintegration control is so critical. The decision of soil added substances and plant species will be local to the region to have a superior possibility of flourishing. Repeating the procedure various times before sufficient development can be effectively accomplished is quite exorbitant and tedious, so hitting the nail on the head the first run is important.

Site rehabilitation includes a watchful examination of your site's prerequisites and condition to tailor an output that meets your objectives. Our output can be utilized for land rehabilitation both amid and after your undertakings to limit hazard and amplify achievement. Spray Grass Australia works with you to guarantee your ecological remediation and amendment is financially savvy and has the most ideal possibility of long haul achievement.


Return your site as closely as possible to its natural state.


Enjoy positive community relationships with a more visually appealing site


Native plant species are selected for longevity and comparability with surrounding area.


Achieve erosion control through natural means for a long-term solution.


Monitor your revegetation success with our Rehabilitation Performance Monitoring option


We trust that soil is the foundation for achievement of any revegetation venture, so our projects are constantly in view of an intensive comprehension of the physical, compound and organic attributes found on site. Results furnish us with important data to figure out what modifications should be made to guarantee a positive developing condition. With access to more than 100 different ameliorants, we can enhance the properties of the soil's physical and microbiological condition easily. Chat with our specialists to see if your project meets all requirements for our complimentary program.

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