Erosion control projects give us a portion of our most difficult work. There are significant dangers to staff in the establishment of conventional erosion control matting products like shotcrete concrete matting, geotextiles and synthetics, especially when there is a steep slope involved. After lots of research into the best erosion control items available, we have sourced an innovative Australian design and produce solution that gives room for safe and effective installation.



Thorough field examinations have shown that our solution outflanks most other erosion and sediment control products available today. We understand that an outstanding way to control erosion is by promoting the development of healthy and strong vegetation.


We make use of GeoSpray as our choice erosion control product. GeoSpray is a synthetic erosion blankets cover that features an adaptable membrane which protects the soil surface from erosion. GeoSpray is a very viable technique for the adjustment of batters and is a genuine option for a very quick and secure installation than ordinary erosion control blankets, such as Concrete Matting, Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mat (GCCM), Geotextiles, Geosynthetics, Posi-Shell and Shotcrete.


GeoSpray's advanced technology implies that it will balance out surfaces for up to 20 years, making it the perfect erosion control and stabilisation product for vertical wals, roadside batters, steep slopes, drainages, and all substrates including compacted clay, rock, sand, sandy loam, dispersive soils, and any soils that are to a great degree hard to manage and access.


Installation is safe, effective and fast, with application taking hours, not days.


Withstands moderate rain events just 4 hours after application


Eliminates erosion caused by water, rain or wind on all substrates.


Can be effectively and safely applied to steep or inaccessible slopes.


Is water repellent with the inclusion of a hydrophobic polymer.


We trust that soil is the foundation for achievement of any revegetation venture, so our projects are constantly in view of an intensive comprehension of the physical, compound and organic attributes found on site. Results furnish us with important data to figure out what modifications should be made to guarantee a positive developing condition. With access to more than 100 different ameliorants, we can enhance the properties of the soil's physical and microbiological condition easily. Chat with our specialists to see if your project meets all requirements for our complimentary program.

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