Dust control methods are utilized to control and stifle the dust particles created by land surfaces. Our designed dust suppression solutions are the perfect performance products for mining, civil and infrastructure industries.



The best kind of dust control solution for your site relies on a large group of factors that are site-specific including ecological effect, water preservation and required lifespan of suppression.


When left untreated, dust from uncovered haul and access roads, and additionally hardstands, tailings and ash dams can have a significant negative effect on the wellbeing of the workforce, the environment and surrounding communities. Our dust suppression solution work to limit the effect caused by dust by producing a surface layer that binds dust particles together and balances out the soil surface underneath.


We likewise provide a dust suppression solution with the use of mulch. Like Hydromulching methods, a blend of mulch, water and binder are stirred together and powerfully connected onto the surface to put an end to dust issues, naturally separating over time.


Get custom-made solutions centered on your project


Our materials are environmentally friendly. We love to work to nature safe not to destroy it.


Find a cost-effective solution that lasts longer with advanced dust control methods.


Our methodology is safe and effective. Reduces water usage by more than 50% compared to traditional methods.


Cover steep slopes and longer distances with powerful hydroseeder truck pumps.

Get the best long-lasting dust suppression solutions designed to give you the results you need.

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